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Which Social Media Platform Converts Leads Best for Financial Advisors?

This article first appeared on Advisorpedia on April 5th, 2021, and can be found here

There are so many old and new social media platforms coming into trend every year, but which one of those platforms converts leads best? In today's video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite, goes over which platform converts leads best and 6 quick tips to up your LinkedIn game.

1. Post at least 5x week

The first thing you want to do is want to post at least again five times per week, but no more than one per day. We already talked about that.

2. Don't include a link OUT in every post

Number two, you don't want to include a link out in every single thing you post. So what I mean by that is don't always be linking out to a blog post. Or your website or some study you read, the more you can do what we call standalone or native posts that just keep people in LinkedIn's app, the more the algorithm is going to like you. So now I don't mean that you need to do this every time, but you might share a post to your website on Monday, and then on Tuesday, you have a standalone post that just summarizes something or share the strategy. And then on Wednesday, you might share an image or an infographic with some information about it. And then on Thursday, again, share a link back out to your website. So you're mixing up how much you're sending people out to your website versus just having them stay on the app. And again, LinkedIn wants to keep the eyeballs on their own app as long as possible.

3. Don't use more than 3 hashtags per post

Okay, number three, don't use more than three hashtags per post. I see people use LinkedIn hashtags as though it's Instagram. It's very different. No more than three per post. If you're not sure which hashtags to use, go to LinkedIn. And in the little search bar, you can search different hashtags, and it will tell you how many people are following each hashtag, which will give you a good idea of which hashtags are going to get the most eyeballs on your post.

4. Follow the 80-20 Rule

Okay, number four, you need to follow the 80 20 rule, so for every time that you're posting on LinkedIn, for every one thing you post, you should be at least commenting on five posts that other people have left. So that means every morning, wake up, get your copy and leave comments on at least five people's posts. And that is just because of the rule of reciprocity. If you want to get comments and engagement on your own post, you need to be doing that on others as well.

5. Use emojis to break up text

Okay. And then the next tip is use Emojis to break up the text. So if you are on your desktop creating your LinkedIn content, a great tip is to go to the website emojipedia and they're you can copy and paste those emojis onto your desktop so you don't have to create all of your LinkedIn content from your phone.

6. Always end your posts with a question or ask for comments

Okay. And then my last tip is to always, always, always end your posts with either a comment or a question. So you would say something like, How do you feel about X? Leave a comment below or tell me what is your biggest tip for Y, and you're encouraging people to have a reason to leave a comment, which is going to boost your post in the algorithm. Again, the more comments you get on your post, the better comments our currency in the world of social media.